Research Cell


Era University has always believed that no teaching institute can go a long way without a committed team of researchers. As a result, the college has a dedicated Research Cell that promotes and coordinates various research initiatives.

In 2016, the British medical journal Lancet reported that just 4.3% of medical institutions in India were publishing more than 100 research articles a year. It also stated that these 4.3% institutes are collectively responsible for more than 40% of the total publications done by Indian medical institutes. Due to its focus on medical research, Era’s Lucknow Medical College has the honor of being amongst these top 4.3% medical institutes that are most active in the field of medical research.

Era University’s focus on research has resulted in a number of achievements.

  • ELMC has hosted several national and international conferences.
  • The college has an MoU with Virje University Netherlands for student and faculty exchange.
  • ELMC’s Laboratory for Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine is collaborating with IIT Kanpur and has signed an MoU with Rostock Medical University, Germany to work on stem cell therapy for stroke recovery.
  • More than 600 research articles have been published by ELMC’s faculty, residents and research scholars in national and international indexed journals during the last 5 years alone.
  • Era’s Journal of Medical Research is the 1st institutional journal from any private medical college in Uttar Pradesh.